Case Abstract

“We need the cures. The time is now. The Cure Is Now.” TM
The Cure Is Now: Developing Cures for the “Incurable”

Today’s Medical Realities: Imagine hearing this being said to you or to one of your loved ones: “I’m sorry, we simply have no cure for this disease, it’s terminal and there is nothing more that we can do at this point.” Maybe this is just considered part of life, but does it have to be? The pace at which technology advances correlates directly to what medical discoveries are possible. The Cure is Now is fast approaching a “technological singularity” which will provide the possibility of addressing incurable diseases.

The Cure Is Now subscribes to the following core values: innovation, synergy, and discovery. We are leading an international collaboration of scientists researching emerging and advanced technologies to find cures for what are currently incurable diseases. As a catalyst, The Cure Is Now is bringing together the greatest minds in the world in creative and singular ways. This research will bring about breakthrough medical treatments for patients everywhere.

The Cure Is Now is bringing together scientists and researchers throughout the world to collaborate in an environment working efficiently without the duplication of other groups’ efforts and without the lack of resources they often find to be their reality. The Cure Is Now will lead a team in creating one of the world’s most advanced research organizations: advocating, educating, and funding research to improve quality of life for people suffering from chronic diseases.

Our Mission

The Cure Is Now is a national non-profit organization dedicated to eliminating acquired, congenital, and developmental diseases. Our cornerstone philosophy is to use a convergence of emerging technologies to combat diseases at the root level.  Operational programs include: awareness campaigns, education initiatives, and scientific research. The objective is to eradicate disease as a major health problem by managing programs designed to further scientific development and discovery of cures. We need the cures. The time is now. The Cure Is Now.

A Vision For The Future…


The Cure Is Now is my sole devotion in bringing advocacy, education, and philanthropy to those seeking answers and guidance. We are starting a grassroots approach to networking, funding, and research, we welcome you to join our mission in finding cures. We need the cures. The time is now. The Cure Is Now.

AnnMarie Santiago

Founder & Executive Director


The Cure Is Now envisions the discovery of cures for thus far incurable diseases, by establishing a world-class research facility with dedicated scientists that are leaders in their respective fields. Through the application of emerging and advanced technologies, The Cure Is Now facilitates breakthrough medical discoveries that will give us the cures.

Simply put, The Cure Is Now is finding cures for incurable diseases.  Often, if you speak to a scientist or a researcher, particularly on the cutting edge of technology, many will tell you that they spend 95% of their time grant writing instead of doing the actual research work they really want to do. This must change!

Our institution is expanding in several ways: we are bringing together scientists, engineers, and researchers in collaboration to achieve our mission. We have identified several technologies that are cost effective and efficient ways to increase productivity and achieve our stated mission objective.

The Cure Is Now core values are: innovation, synergy, and discovery.

Core Programs:

  • Awareness Campaigns

  • Education Initiatives

  • Research Facility 

Awareness Campaigns

The Cure Is Now Awareness Campaign delivers information to the public about our diverse projects and initiatives. Utilizing several mediums including: multimedia, films and videos, print material, web pages, social networking, and a Community Outreach Vehicle, among other mediums, The Cure Is Now disseminates information.

The outreach vehicle allows for expanded efforts on a regional level giving individuals, groups,­­­ and organizations access to our staff in the field. The vehicle is equipped with space for public and private information sessions. The Community Outreach Vehicle will be staffed by an outreach specialist in an effort to make our information readily available to individuals who would otherwise have difficulty visiting our New York-based center.


Education Initiatives

Through an international network of experts and researchers The Cure Is Now is forming scientific and technology advisory committees with a cross-section of practice areas, primarily science and technology, but including also law, organizational development, policy, and community outreach.

The advisory board members bring their abilities, experience, and knowledge together in support of the mission of The Cure Is Now.  They advise the Board of Directors with strategic decision-making in regards to scientific, technology, and policy issues.

It also provides overall science quality control, such as overseeing the process of submitting The Cure Is Now initiatives and findings for peer review, the composition and operation of panels and committees, and oversight of The Cure Is Now‘s procedures.


Research Facility

The central hub of our Awareness Campaign and Education Programs is the Research Facility. The core technology programs include: nanotechnology, biotechnology, information technology, synthetic biology, gene therapy, and stem cell research. The search for solutions to highly complicated problems needs to be leveraged by advanced technologies using innovative methods. This research platform will utilize new and advanced software programs designed to bring together scientific partners in an open collaborative forum. Science and technology are constantly evolving and The Cure Is Now intends to use this fact to accelerate the conversion of scientific discoveries into medical cures — for all mankind.

The Future is Now…

A Call to Action:

Bringing Technology and Research together 

Using modern and advanced technology treatments and cures for age-old diseases are evolving at a rapidly increasing rate. Personalized medicine, where the patient’s own genes and cells are used to choose the right treatment coupled with new non-small molecule therapies are just the beginning of this evolution in medicine and patient health care.

Russell Hanson

Committee on Advanced Technology

The Cure Is Now is striving to be one of the world’s most advanced research organizations in advocating, educating, and providing funding to improve the quality of life for people suffering from chronic diseases.

Our organization distinguishes itself from the admirable, but often dated approaches that were staples of research not long ago. The application of emerging technologies offers answers to age-old questions and presents solutions that have evaded our predecessors’ best efforts.

Building a Research Facility

Research Facility will contain:
  • Laboratories 
  • Containment Facility and Storage 
  • Auditorium 
  • Conference Rooms 
  • Web Cast Room
  • Class Rooms
  • Library
  • Resident Scientist Offices
  • Administrative Offices

Our strength comes from fostering creativity and discovery in the classroom, the lab, and the studio, as well as in communities everywhere. The core of the technology program is: nanotechnology, biotechnology, information technology, gene therapy, and stem cell research. The search for solutions to highly complicated problems needs to be leveraged by advanced technologies using innovative methods. This research platform will specialize in new and advanced programs designed to bring together scientific partners in an open collaborative forum

Our program includes the funding of scientists and researchers following this model thus eliminating waste and duplicated efforts.

This research facility would become a modern, fully-equipped technology, and scientific research facility. Combined with excellence in advanced technology, scientific research, and professional programs, we equip our researchers, clinicians and students to assess the current state of knowledge in a discipline, augment that knowledge through rigorous new research, and share the product of this new knowledge in innovative ways. In short, we create a culture of innovation.

We will build a culture of innovation that permeates every corner of the operation. We will seek out the most advanced technologies and research scientists to leverage technology and scientific research for society’s good and we will advance work in the humanities that leads to greater understanding of the challenges the world faces. What’s more, to effectively address these complex challenges, this culture will be collaborative. The key to our roadmap for success is simple: we must create this research facility — the world’s problems won’t wait.

Our Challenge and Opportunity

There is no single solution to finding the cures but teamwork and integrated partnerships are essential to resolve the complex problems at their root level. To secure the resources needed to underwrite these ambitious plans for the future The Cure Is Now is embarking on campaign to raise $75 million, helping position The Cure Is Now at the forefront in its quest to find the cures for incurable diseases.

From start-up funding for new research programs, to support for capital and needed equipment as well as funding for research scientists, private philanthropy is the fuel that drives the engine of discovery at The Cure Is Now. Financial support will be sought from private and public sources — individuals, foundations, and corporations.

The Cure Is Now seeks to utilize these funds in these critical areas:

  • $15,000,000 Support for program development to implement innovative programs designed to achieve the greatest impact. Funding will cover the costs of program development, coordination, and implementation.

  • $40,000,000 Support for The Cure Is Now Research Facility includes creating and equipping a state-of-the-art facility that will house The Cure Is Now.

  • $10,000,000 Support for clinicians and researchers who are constantly learning about the diseases they seek to treat and cure. Through advanced technology-driven research, scientists are unraveling molecular mysteries and discovering ways to prevent incurable diseases from recurring.

  • $10,000,000 Support for an endowment to ensure The Cure Is Now’s ability to respond to the long-term scientific and technology needs, support new breakthroughs, and be prepared for unseen opportunities.

In recognition for their support, donors have naming opportunities for specific The Cure Is Now programs.

The Cure Is Now is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization bringing together various programs of exceptional quality, integrity of implementation, and budgeting.  We rely completely on the generosity of caring individuals, corporations, and foundations that recognize the value of advancing The Cure Is Now’s ideals and practices. Your support is so very important. We need the cures. The time is now. The Cure Is Now.