Grassroots Fundraising

Grass RootsWe engage in several grassroots fundraising programs that allow us to simultaneously maximize our exposure, engage with as many people as possible and receive as many gifts as we can.

Canister and kettle programs

Have you seen our canisters and tripod kettles around New York City? The Cure is Now makes a lot of effort to raise awareness about our organization and fundraise while doing it the good old-fashioned way. In-person contact can be more effective than online campaigns, and we are committed to this approach. Our outreach teams reach thousands of people every week as they place canisters in stores, shops and restaurants. We also engage thousands of people every day with our information kiosk/tripod kettle program. Look for us in high traffic areas in Manhattan and in popular stores around the city. This innovative program is currently expanding to other cities and states.

Online donations

Our donation systems allow anyone inspired by our hopes and dreams to contribute to our cause online.

Vehicle donation programs 

Used cars and other vehicles that are an expense for some individuals can be extremely helpful and beneficial to our mission. We accept all kinds of vehicles.