A Focus On: Pediatric Research

The Cure is Now’s (TCIN) Pediatric Research division places a specific emphasis on directing resources and efforts towards the youngest, most innocent, and most vulnerable victims: pediatric cancer patients. Being told you have cancer are three words that no one wants to hear – but how do you tell that to an innocent child, who has yet to live their life?

The Cure Is Now is here to help. To help you and to help make a difference to others, getting involved with our program is vital and spreading awareness and education is the first step. So what can you do? Our organization has several programs in place, so that everyone and anyone can get involved and start making a difference. We want to help end misinformation and ignorance. You can volunteer at our organization, you can share your story on our website, you can share our website with your friends and family, you can create an event or participate in one of our own, or you can make a donation.

Most people are in the dark about the facts of what causes cancer, which cancers have a high survivability rate, and what technologies hold the key to eradicating cancer, especially pediatric cancer. The Cure Is Now is specifically creating awareness campaigns to inform people of the facts about cancer and its devastating impacts. Scientists and researchers are using cutting edge technologies to find cures. There are a vast array of technologies at our fingertips, and we are more knowledgeable about medicine now more than ever, but still only at the beginning of our potentials. It is our civic responsibility to ensure that elected officials make it a priority to ensure that everything that can legally be done to help fund research is explored. Ultimately, getting dollars to research facilities, doctors, scientists, and skilled technicians is the goal. They need specific tools, some that haven’t even been invented yet, to get their work done. We need results – not talk. Please make a difference and contribute now! We need the cures. The time is now. The Cure Is Now.