Applied Research


Applied Research is key. We aim to open a world class research facility in the New York Metropolitan area. We are currently working with architects, developers, scientists and researchers to create the world’s most advanced research and development center. It will be fully equipped and function as a central hub for some of the world’s brightest minds. This means we will have the best computers, laboratories, tools, and the most talented people working on scientific projects.

There are a number of professionals who are able to help our entity create a working model for applied research. We want to fund scientists and researchers with your donations and investments by providing them with access to a dedicated laboratory and the various technological needs and equipment to conduct their experiments. Many other research organizations are wasting energy and money, but we are developing specialized software that will help eliminate wasted efforts and bring us closer to the discoveries. Our scientists strongly believe in nanotechnology, biotechnology, information technology, gene therapy and stem cell research. These new techniques are at the core of our research.