projectsThe Cure Is Now aims to construct one of the world’s most advanced research facilities. We are currently in developmental stages with construction, supplies, and scientists. This facility, to be located in New York City, would contain:

  • Several laboratories.
  • Decontamination & clean rooms, containment facility.
  • Ample storage space.
  • Auditorium suitable to host large conferences and presentations.
  • A green screen room and other technologies to webcast important discoveries, panel discussions, and scientific debates.
  • General office space.
  • Onsite residences for researchers and scientists who need to be there full time (often 24 hours a day to monitor important changes).
  • Computer and machine rooms.
  • Conference room.
  • Nearby parking lot, as well as a location close to mass transit in a convenient area.

Getting the Word Out: In addition to our Awareness Campaigns and Outreach Programs (our Community Outreach Vehicle), The Cure is Now is determined to get the word out in new ways that will spread our message. And this new way is dependent upon you! You can sponsor our initiatives, help spread the message, and get the recognition you deserve by becoming a program “ambassador.” It’s easy – all you have to do is buy a decal graphic for your car. We put small but powerful messages on the graphics, that you then place on your car (on the glass, of course, as to not damage the paint, and can be removed at any time). It is a small, durable sticker that contains our logo and slogan. This way our decal is seen by thousands of people as you drive, and this small but effective action gets the message out to many people on the streets without the massive costs of similar advertising. It shows that you care, and helps us keep the money in the labs. You can obtain this sticker for a generous donation of $20.00. Check out some pictures of some of our supporters’ cars to get an idea where the graphics fit best. They can be found in our Awareness Campaigns page.